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Well hello there.

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I'm Jason Gloye.

An advertising account guy, pug papa, theatre enthusiast, New Yorker, vinyl collector, Oxford comma user, whiskey drinker, colorblindness "advocate", and aspiring national treasure.

Welcome to my digital home – which is far more palatial than my humble Williamsburg abode, because New York rent –  #AmIRight

However you got here, I’m truly glad you did. Welcome. Wander around. There’s no break it/buy it policy. (But please don't break my website).



be skilled.

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"There's no challenge a 

bow tie & a few dad jokes can't solve."


It's not what you do. It's how you do it.

For me, that means doing everything with passion, conviction, thoughtfulness, and panache. For more than a decade, I've brought a strong point of view to every aspect of my life. But a strong voice doesn't mean the loudest or only voice. Ask those who have worked with me and you'll hear about my collaborative spirit, my ability to support and champion award-winning creative, and my deep-rooted client partnerships which have led to unprecedented organic growth on every account I've helmed. I believe strongly in servant leadership - take care of those around you, and you'll all achieve greatness together. 



be experienced.

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"try to be something for everyone & you'll end up notHing for no one."


You don't have to sacrifice depth for breadth.

Manufacturing. Consumer-packaged goods. Non-profit. PR. Tech. Healthcare.
With each opportunity there's been a common thread of distilling complex content into creative that is digestible and compelling. Throughout the last decade, I've made deliberate choices to ensure my experience is well-rounded –  allowing me draw from a rich tapestry of verticals, tactics, and client/company cultures to custom-tailor award-winning solutions. 



be theatrical.

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"I'm Not
Dramatic -
I'm animated!"


Act without abandon.

While I've taken a hiatus from the stage, since the age of 12, I've performed in or directed some 50+ productions. 

I’ve been a Bishop, Baby John, and a Bad Idea Bear. I’ve played nude, in drag, in a three-piece suit, without a body (narrator and ghost), and with a puppet. I've been submerged in 300 gallons of water and I've been drenched in13 gallons of blood. I’ve even been an Oompa Loompa, which is incredibly hard on even the youngest of knees. 

Oh - and I do a killer Carol Channing. (Boa optional).



be within reach.

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"I'm always ON -except when I'm off."


Say hello.

If my years in client service have taught me anything, it's the value of being responsive. If you have questions, a career inquiry, or would like me to speak at an event / be on a panel, please reach out and you'll hear from me ever-so quickly.

And if casual internet stalking is more your speed, knock yourself out via the links below.