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Jason Gloye. NYC healthcare advertising executive. HCP + DTC account expertise.

Jason Gloye brings an enviable mix of advertising, public relations, and client-side marketing experience spanning business to business, consumer packaged goods, tech, non-profit, retail, and healthcare brands. For more than a decade, he’s created award-winning work for brands such as Cap'n Crunch, Microsoft, and Shure electronics.

In consumer packaged goods, Jason's strategic skills and creative collaboration led to Cap'n Crunch's multi-award-winning "Crunch Island" website, which was featured in Time Magazine. The site offered children the opportunity to explore a tropical island where the Cap'n had shipwrecked. In addition to nutritional information and online games, unique features such as integration reflected the weather of the user's IP address on the island.

In non-profits, he worked with watchdog agency Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP), to protect the rights and well-being of Indiana citizens aged 65+. After a rash of robberies at area senior communities, Jason's award-winning media plan led to statewide coverage and the arrest of the perpetrator.  

In technology, Jason led multiple lines of business for Microsoft, where he grew agency billings 500% year-over-year for his portfolio of clients including OneDrive,, Exchange, Research, and Openness. He turned a single, $40k product overview video for OneDrive into a digital AOR relationship to oversee the product launch in the US, with more than $2 million in billings. The launch included a broadcast campaign featuring Aubrey Plaza, which garnered the brand more than 2 million YouTube views and 60,000 new users in less than three weeks.

In healthcare, he’s helmed brands such as Amgen's ENBREL, AbbVie's SYNTHROID (the most prescribed drug in the country), and Amgen's REPATHA - where his strategic council led to 122% year-over-year sales for the brand. Recently, he launched Genentech's HEMLIBRA - driving sales that exceeded industry expectations by 140%. Today, he serves a leader at FCB Health NY on Novartis’ blockbuster MS franchise - helming GILENYA across Global and US audiences for HCP, DTC, and patient services support. He’s also spearheading the consumer launch of ofatumumab - Novartis’ next-generation MS treatment, set to enter market in 2020.

Jason is known for his passion, sharp wit, strong point of view, and ability to champion award-winning work that defies creative expectations, while driving unprecedented financial growth for his brands and his agency teams.



awards + achievements.

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Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

  • “Group Scheduling” - 2014 Indianapolis ADDY, Gold
  • “Issues” - 2014 Indianapolis ADDY, Silver

IAAAA (SMP) logo


  • Pinnacle Award, External Communication

Captain Crunch logo

Cap’n Crunch website

  • 2010 Communicator Awards, Award of Distinction
  • 2009 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement
  • 2009 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development
  • 2009 W3 Silver Award for Food & Beverage Website

Eiteljorg Museum Logo

Eiteljorg Fellowship website

  • 2010 Webby Award Honoree
  • 2010 Communicator Awards Award of Excellence
  • 2010 IAC Best Art Website Award
  • 2009 W3 Silver Award for Art Website
  • 2009 W3 Silver Award for Best Visual Appeal
  • 2009 Silver Davey Award for Website Design