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They're not clients. They're partners.

For more than a decade, I've built deep relationships and created award-winning work with some of the world's most recognized brands. 


case studies

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Yep. An account guy with a book.

Many times when I mention "my book" to industry folks, they wrinkle their noses and ask me why an account person would have a book. Why wouldn't an account person have a book? I am deeply passionate about the projects I've worked on. I partner with my creative teams to champion exceptional work, to push the thinking and innovation, to ensure we deliver on a carefully crafted strategy, and to encourage my brand teams to step out of their comfort zones. I consistently challenge my teams to only present work that we're truly proud of. I stand by that every day. Below is work I'm particularly proud of. 


Microsoft SkyDrive:
Work Separately

When Microsoft was ready to launch SkyDrive (now OneDrive) in the US, they came to Bradley & Montgomery. We used social listening to help cast the perfect star, then wrote three quirky spots to fit the dry humor of Aubrey Plaza. The award-winning campaign garnered more than 2 million YouTube views and generated 60,000 new users in less than three weeks. 



Abbott: Manifesto video

When Abbott and AbbVie separated, Abbott hired SapientNitro to lead their efforts, leveraging a 100 year + heritage of excellence in consumer healthcare products. This video launched their new brand promise: life. to the fullest. 

Abbott: A Chance to Thrive

While at SapientNitro, I led the digital team responsible for some $15 million in work, including tech stack migration, robust template design, content development, and SEO for a portfolio of 45 websites. "A Chance to Thrive" was the first documentary video filmed for the US website. 

Your Privacy is Important

Did you know that Gmail scans your emails to serve you display ads? If so, you're one of only 29% of Americans who do. Scary. Fresh off the heels of rebranding from Hotmail to, my friends over at Microsoft approached my team at Bradley & Montgomery team to create a simple video highlighting this disconcerting practice and to ensure Microsoft customers that their privacy is respected.