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Steel Magnolias  | Current
"Making his first debut as a director, Gloye is more than thrilled to share his masterpiece with the community. 'Steel Magnolias is a play about six courageous, bold, vulnerable, beautiful women who all experience life in their own unique ways. Each woman in this play has her own personal, epic highs and her own crushing, raw lows,' Gloye said."
(3/5/15 | Read More)

Avenue Q  | East of Indy
"The show is as funny and touching as you'd expect, maybe moreso. The closer confines of the Phoenix (compared to the touring productions visiting the big stages) does make for a better experience."
(6/15/11 | Read More)

Avenue Q | Indianapolis Business Journal
"Yes, as you may have heard, 'Avenue Q' is, at least at first, an R-rating-worthy 'Sesame Street.' And as presented in its regional theater premiere at the Phoenix Theatre, the up-close-and-personal environs accentuate both the show’s sweetness and its explicitness."
(6/11/11 | Read More)

Avenue Q | The Examiner
"Working his customary magic in casting and direction is Phoenix’s producer/director, Bryan Fonseca, who has outdone himself with this particular ensemble. It comprises some of Indianapolis’ most gifted and versatile actors, who play the three human characters, and the remainder who are all puppets (manipulated by humans)."
(6/4/11 | Read More)

Avenue Q | NUVO Newsweekly
"Delightful in every aspect, "Avenue Q" is destined for a long residency at The Phoenix. The Phoenix team matches every expectation for stage setting, puppets and their symbiotic relationship with actors, music, costumes, lighting, animation, choreography -- it's all there with heart, soul, guts."
(6/4/11 | Read More)

Avenue Q | Indianapolis Star
"In the Phoenix Theatre's new production, the blend of pathos, humor and attitude in the award-winning show thrives in the theater's close-up setting."
(6/3/11 | Read More)

The Producers | East of Indy
"An incredible showcase of central Indiana talent..."
(9/24/10 | Read More)

A Very Phoenix Xmas | East of Indy
"The 'Phoenix Xmas' is always a mixed bag gathered from submissions that area playwrights make through the fall. The idea is to be different from all other shows, and this usually means getting irreverent and weird."
(11/30/09 | Read More)

A Very Phoenix Xmas | Fun City Finder
"For a holiday show with some spice, on a night when you can leave your Indianapolis kids at home, 'A Very Phoenix Xmas' wins my vote for best holiday show of the Indianapolis theatre season."
(11/30/09 | Read More)

Octopus | Andrew's Writing
"Yockey’s script flows with comedy and quick dialogue overlaps with ease (handled quite expertly by both Jason Gloye and Ben Snyder)."
(9/4/09 | Read More)

Octopus | NUVO Newsweekly
"Jason Gloye, Ricardo Melendez, Ben Snyder and Nate Walden take what could be just four lovable tan, pumped up gay stereotypes into some dark-night-of-the-soul territory and then emerge in a fairy tale ending. Though I'm a fan of that gray area in between, the way Octopus swings for the extremes makes for 90 minutes of trippy, very enjoyable theater."
(6/19/09 | Read More)

Octopus | The Indianapolis Star
"'Octopus,' which presents the unraveling of two gay relationships out of a casual social entanglement, moves swiftly through its opening comic premise -- discomfort vs. a sense of adventure -- into unwelcome revelations of character and commitment."
(6/12/09 | Read More)

Octopus | Indiana Auditions
"When the play ended, I was thinking to myself "I couldn't have seen two pieces back to back that each get a standing ovation." So I did not stand - but I should have. The play, the players, and the production deserved it. It would be my third this year (among fifty shows)."
(6/12/09 | Read More)

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